Everything is energy and with that knowledge, everything is possible

Welcome to Pet Energy Healer, a distance energy service providing healing to pets of all kinds and their people all over the world.

How Does it Work?

    Energy is everywhere and in everything.  If you could picture any object, living or not, at its very smallest level, you would see atoms then the particles that make up those atoms and eventually, you would see nothing but vibrating energy.  At this level, nothing looks like its larger counterpart, the "stuff" or object we see with our eyes.  It all looks the same - undifferentiated and exactly the same, regardless of what it looks like at its larger size.

    Everything that is, is the same from an energy perspective.  That being so,  there is a connection between all people, animals, plants and solid objects. 

    Thoughts are also energy.  Brain scans show this.  When a thought occurs, measurable changes are seen in the brain - heat, color, increased blood flow, chemical release.   Our thoughts, connecting to the energy in all things, can direct that energy wherever we wish it to go.  This is how I heal.  I use this quantum energy to connect to the pet needing a healing and focus it where it is needed.  The "patient"  then uses however much they need to complete the healing.  

     I have worked with animals in the realm of traditional medicine for more than 20 years.  Accessing the quantum field gives me the opportunity to heal from the holistic level.  Energy heals from the source.  If subatomically, there is nothing but energy and illness is a description of this energy magnified many times, then accessing that energy at its most basic level is a more direct way to heal.  Truly amazing things can happen if a pet or person is open to the energy and lets it in.

    Energy healing is not meant to replace the care your veterinarian can provide.  As an additional tool, however, it can help greatly in returning your pet to good health.  That being said, all beings have choice and a path on this planet and not every pet will choose to heal despite the best care and concern.  There can be no guarantee of success in any of the healing arenas.